Enterprise Introduction

Genliduo is a comprehensive joint-stock, high-tech and listed enterprise which was founded in 2005. In Chinese, “Genliduo”means root extending & strengthening. Genliduo specializes in Organic-Inorganic compound fertilizer, microbial organic fertilizer, water soluble fertilizer, microbial agent and soil conditioner. We focus on R&D, production, sale, logistic and service. After more than 12 years’ development, Genliduo has become a leading fertilizer brand and one of the largest microbial fertilizer producers in China.

Genliduo’s headquarter is located in Wei County, Hebei province, eastern China. Genliduo has five production bases and one research center. In Wei County, we have three plants. They totally cover an area of 44 hectares, mainly produce Organic-Inorganic compound fertilizer, microbial organic fertilizer, microbial agent and water soluble fertilizer. The total production capacity is nearly 660,000 tons per year. In Korla base, which is located in the Xinjiang Uygur Automomous region in western China, the plant occupies more than 16 hectares with 5 production lines. The production capability is about 360000 tons per year, mainly for NPK water soluble fertilizer and microbial organic fertilizer. Zhangjiakou base, located in the north area of Hebei province, occupies more than 13 hectares. The production capability is about 200,000 tons per year, mainly for soil conditioner and microbial organic fertilizer. Genliduo also has two production bases in the northeast area of China. In Jilin province, the production capability is about 150,000 tons per year, mainly for Organic-Inorganic compound fertilizer. In Heilongjiang province, the production capability is about 50,000 tons per year, mainly for microbial organic fertilizers. We are aiming at megaton production yield, 9 kinds of fertilizers, 10 brands and 110 formulas.

Genliduo has about 30 staffs totally for quality control to make sure each batch of production qualified, 36 talents for R&D who made remarkable achievements. We invented a new technology to produce microbial fertilizer which is called the “Microbial Film Method”. It has been protected by a national invention patent. We also have two other national patents and 9 national patent applications. We have won many prizes and certificates, such as “National Key New Products Manufacturer”, “Consumer Trust Enterprise”, “Top10 Organic-Inorganic Compound Fertilizer Manufacturer in Hebei Province”, “Famous Brand in Hebei Province”, SGS certificate, ECOCERT certificate, ISO9001:2008 certificate, etc.

Genliduo regards "Healthier Soil, Happier People." as the enterprise’s mission, insists the operation principle of “Produce Good Product, Provide Good Service and Help Farmers Have Good Harvest”, sticks to the enterprise vision that “Pioneer of Agricultural Science, Model of Agricultural Service”. The corporate orientation of Genliduo is to be an expert on soil environment and eco-nutrition. We are devoted to improve the soil environment fundamentally and help farmer friends to increase their yields and incomes. We are also devoted to improve the quality of farm products to benefit people.

Genliduo has an outstanding professional service team. We have many lecturers of agricultural technology and experts on soil testing formula-fertilization. They will follow you in the fields,specially design a formula for your soil and explain the cultivation and fertilization programs. Genliduo follows the principle of serving agriculture, rural areas and farmers, makes significant efforts on innovation, tries to go forward hand-in-hand with industry partners, land owners and farmer friends to contribute to the development of modern agriculture, green agriculture and ecological agriculture in the world together.

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