Company Milestone


Hebei Weiyuan Co., Ltd. (the predecessor of Genliduo) maintained and expanded its' sales channels. Got 1200 sales' sites in different provinces.



Established Hebei Yuanda International Fertilizer Co., Ltd. as the first subsidiary. Established our own production base and applied for our own brand.



Established Genliduo Bio-Tech Corporation Ltd. Weiyuan group set foot on the road of rapid development.



Science and technology service agriculture. Established Shengshixingnong Cotton Cooperation which organize farmers lecture regularly.


Got our own distribution center. Industrial chain was formed gradually.



Established Weiyuan Agricultural Material Group. 



Genliduo Bio-protein controlled released fertilizer obtained certificate of Science and Technology achievements. 

Established Xinjiang Genliduo Bio-Tech Corporation Ltd. To share the market in both west and east. 

Established Hebei Sanhao Logistics Co., Ltd. 

Weiyuan Group which containing R&D/ producing/ transport and service was formed.


2012: Bio-protein controlled released fertilizer got the prize of 2012 National Key New Product.



Genliduo Bio-tech Corporation Company was found. Getting into the progress of actual operation for IPO listing. 

Genliduo Bio-Tech was approved to be the first High-tech Enterprise in Hebei.

Established Biological Fertilizer Engineering Technology Research Center, which is the only one in Hebei.

Genliduo Bio-tech got the honor of Top “100 Agricultural Materials Circulation Enterprises”.



On 19th March, 660 million tons of biological cumulative fertilizer project was launched. Covered an area of 460 mu. Invested 1 billion yuan.

On 26th August, Genliduo Bio-tech New was listed on OTC Market.

The producing method of multi-functional bio-protein controlled-release fertilizer got certificate of National Invention Patent.



Genliduo obtained the prize of “Famous brand” and “Advanced R&D platform of science and technology”.



Established Beijing 365 Agriculture Information Technology Co.,Ltd.



Established Beijing Prevail Co., Ltd. to develop overseas market.

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